I first began designing user interfaces in my teens. I started out being self-taught in creating visual styles for Windows XP and Winamp. My old work can still be seen at Deviantart.

After high school I was not so sure what to pursue as a career so, I started working in construction in different areas like demolition, bricklaying, cleaning and carpentry finish. After years of working in construction, one day I came home tired, back aching, and dirty. I was sick and tired of coming home like that. While showering I started having shower thoughts and I asked myself “I need to change my life. What do I like to do?” and the first thing that came to my mind was design. I was excited and started remembering my early days of creating visual styles. Right there and then I decided to go back to school. I immediately began searching for schools that were offering design courses. I picked Advanced Graphic Design at Seneca College and immediately enrolled on the closest starting date.

When I came back to college It just felt right. I worked hard and I thrived for it, on all my courses in College I was always on top of my class. Two and a half years later I graduated with a promising job. Unfortunately at the last minute, I was told that they didn’t have work for me anymore. I was upset but I was high spirited in finding something. I did find some freelance work here and there for a while but one day I just couldn’t find work anymore. All companies that I applied to asked for experience, but I barely had any. One day I ran out of money, thankfully I had good friends who could take me into their homes and help me. I then couldn’t be picky about work, so I decided to go back to construction.

While working in construction for almost a year, coming back home tired and aching just like all those years ago. It started taking its toll on me psychologically I knew I needed to find another way. My father at the time was in Brazil, my family knowing my struggle, invited me to visit in the hope that I could find other ways to gain the experience that I needed. While there I had the idea of searching for work in the design field. Luckily I did find an offer. I then decided to leave everything in Canada and move back to Brazil so I could gain the work experience I needed.

Brazil was where my career took off. I told myself I would stay for a few years, learn as much as I could and move back to Canada. But that idea changed when I met my future wife. I still wanted to go back to Canada but I couldn’t leave her so I stayed waiting for the right time to come back to Canada.
Years later we got married. I was eager to get back to Canada. I gave the proposition to my wife for us to live in Canada for a safer and better life. She agreed with me and so I filled out her papers. After over a year of process and waiting she was finally approved. I then immediately began preparations to move back.

I then decided to come to Canada first, to get a job and an apartment for the both of us. Coming back to Canada felt strange after being away for five years. After a month of arrival, I got a job at an Agency. Today I paid off all of my debts, we have a great life with everything great that Canada has to offer.
You could say that my life was not easy. I had many things in life to overcome and with the help of my family and friends, I worked hard and thrived. Nothing was ever handed to me and I had to work for that I have today. I’m grateful for this because it’s made me stronger, more mature, and I’ve learned that life is not a straight road, you need to be opened minded to all the different ways you can take to have what you want.

Thanks for reading!